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Avon Apologises And Pulls Ad After Jameela Jamil Labels Them ‘Clowns’

Beauty brand Avon has pulled an advertising campaign after being called out on Twitter by actress Jameela Jamil.

The US marketing campaign for a product to remove cellulite and stretch marks carried the slogan: "Dimples are cute on your face (not on your thighs)" along with the hashtag '#NakedProof'.

The Good Place star star, 32, criticised the company for promoting a product that 'sets women up for failure'.


She wrote online: "EVERYONE has dimples on their thighs, I do, you do, and the CLOWNS at @Avon_UK certainly do. Stop shaming women about age, gravity and cellulite. They're inevitable, completely normal things. To make us fear them and try to 'fix' them, is to literally set us up for failure."

Reflecting on the backlash, Avon was quick to acknowledge its mistake, saying: "Hi Jameela, we completely understand where you're coming from. We realize that we missed the mark with this messaging. We have removed this messaging from all future marketing materials. We fully support our community in loving their bodies and feel confident in their own skin."

Jameela hailed the step as progress but doubled down on the fact that there is nothing wrong with 'scars and marks and bumps' on women's bodies.

She said: "AvonInsider please don't promote a brand that markets itself as 'Naked Proof' again. None of us need to be told that anything should stop us from feeling good naked. It's the most natural thing. There is nothing wrong with scars and marks and bumps. We are human."


Avon UK confirmed that this was a US campaign and would not appear in any British materials.

But this isn't the first time Jameela has publicly spoken out on the cause of body positivity. After Kim Kardashian appeared in an advert for appetite-suppressing lollies in 2018, the actress responded: "No. F*ck off. No. You terrible and toxic influence on young girls.

"I admire their mother's branding capabilities, she is an exploitative but innovative genius, however this family makes me feel actual despair over what women are reduced to.

"MAYBE don't take appetite suppressors and eat enough to fuel your BRAIN and work hard and be successful. And to play with your kids.

"And to have fun with your friends. And to have something to say about your life at the end, other than 'I had a flat stomach'."

Featured Image Credit: Avon / PA Images

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