Demi Lovato Just Raised Some Big Points About Celebrity Culture

If we had to reveal the most popular comment that we are so sick and tired of seeing on our articles here at Pretty52 it is the simple word: 'Who?' At least one smart Alec comments on almost every article we write about reality TV star asking us exactly who we're talking about. We know you know who Kourtney Kardashian is, folks, and we'd like you to know we sit here in our office and roll our eyes whenever those comments appear.
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Friends Fans Are Just Noticing This Massive Error In Ross' Wedding

Bloody hell. What is it about Friends that captivated so many of us for so long? I was 10 when the last ever episode aired and yet plenty of people my age and even younger treat Friends as some great mythic story that still affects them to this day, like it's a dearly departed friend (pardon the pun) that only left our screens recently and pain is still just as deeply felt.
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This App Claims It'll Be Able To Cure Your Fear Of Spiders

No one really likes spiders, do they? They're quick, nimble and some of them can even jump for Christ's sake! If you are one of the rare few out there who do like spiders, then you're an enigma and I wish I was as brave as you. Personally, I'm the biggest wuss there is when it comes to creepy crawlies. I'm 22, and still make my younger brother check my room every night before bed for the little tykes.
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