People Are Turning Old Globes Into Ceiling Lights - And They’re Gorgeous

We all like to get nifty with our hands With craft now a billion dollar business, it's easy to get swept up with fancy equipment and complex DIY guides. But for most of us, we're looking for simple projects that we can do whilst giving our homes a personal touch.

One such project taking over the Internet are vintage globe pendant lights. People are cutting out globes and using them as light shades instead to brighten up different parts of their home.

Credit: Pinterest/Jennifer Brouwer Design
Credit: Pinterest/Jennifer Brouwer Design

The project can be done in a relatively low cost way and doesn't require complex tools. For those wanting to take it a step further, you can add fringing or even drill small holes for a more layered look.

Credit: Pinterest/Upcycled Wonders
Credit: Pinterest/Upcycled Wonders

According to House Beautiful, these are the 9 steps required to make your own:

How To Make A Globe Pendant Lamp:

  • Remove the globe from the metal stand.
  • Place the globe in a bowl to keep it from rolling around as you work.
  • Cut an opening in the top of the globe (Pro tip: Use the Arctic Circle as a general guide).
  • Flip it over and repeat the same step for the bottom of the globe, but this hole should be the size of your pendant light.
  • Use sandpaper to scrape away any rough edges around the openings.
  • Drill holes into the globe on your favorite cities, so the light shines through your favorite places.
  • Feed the pendant light through the holes.
  • Add an LED bulb (these don't get as hot when left on).
  • Hang it

If this doesn't satiate your creative needs, then try drilling holes into a standing globe and putting a light inside to make a DIY globe lamp that refracts light, or even turn a globe into a cake dome to keep your pastries fresh. Either way, it's gonna light up your world.

Featured Image Credit: Pexels

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