Hilarious H&M T-shirt Design Fail Uncovered By Kids

Whether it's 'Frankie Says Relax', a feminist message, or something basic about prosecco - we love a good slogan t-shirt. But this kids' t-shirt from fashion giant H&M had a design floor that meant it said something you wouldn't want your little ones shouting from the rooftops, declaring on their clothing, or for that matter, saying in public at all.

Credit: Twitter/Catriona Black
Credit: Twitter/Catriona Black

Scottish-born writer, editor, printmaker, and animator Catrìona Black, was born in Scotland but moved to H&M'S homeland of the Netherlands with her family in 2011. And on Sunday she posted a few pictures to Twitter of a t-shirt she'd picked up in H&M with a distinct design flaw and the caption 'Don't think H&M thought this through. My children did. You can take the child out of Scotland...'

Her first image showed a top with the words 'BORN TO SKATE' emblazoned in sequins across the front.

Reverse the sequins with your hand and you get the second image and you get the second image that she posted with the sequins spelling out: 'BORN TO CHILL'.

Credit: Twitter/Catrina Black
Credit: Twitter/Catrina Black

But Catriona's children decided to play with their native Scottish lingo and had a Countdown-style scramble of the letters until the seemingly innocent t-shirt declared: 'BORN TO SHITE', which was a little off the intended message.

Credit: Twitter/Catrina Black
Credit: Twitter/Catrina Black

When Catriona tweeted their hilarious observation the post received a whopping 44K likes and 12K retweets with comments ranging from: "Now I'm going to look for one in London tomorrow" to "DESGUSTANNNNN!"

She added to the thread on Monday to say: "Damn it, I'm going to have to go back there and buy two of them now, amn't I?"

Catriona spoke exclusively to Pretty52 to say: "It's been a weird couple of days. We keep hearing of friends who have enjoyed the joke in places we didn't even know it existed - Instagram and Facebook and all sorts - before they even realised it was us!

"I find it hilarious that for my polite wee children, who would never swear out loud - this, of all things, is their moment of fame."

We've contacted H&M for comment.

If you're in the Netherlands, you can still find the garment on sale for your kids to wear here for €19,99- but if they know anything about Scottish swearwords it's probably best not to.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/Catriona Black

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