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Nobody Can Get Their Head Around This Mother-Of-The-Bride Dress

Knee-length, pastel and the obligatory hat were not the mother-of-the-bride style this designer had in style when he created this floor-length black couture gown. And it's so extra that it's gone viral on Twitter and, to be fair, we aren't surprised.


On sale via Etsy for an eye-watering £1,884.41 (don't forget the 41p), the dress was designed by Bulgarian couture bridal brand, Tonena, and described as: "Black mother of the bride dress, Open back evening gown with long sleeves, Sexy formal dress with feathers, sexy black dress."



While there's no set formula for what a mother of the bride dress should wear (you do you), this one certainly breaks the mould and the bank with social-media users claiming it would be more appropriate for a revenge-thirsty villain in a Disney film.


Hence why tweets of the gown spread like wildfire after one user spotted it on online retailer Etsy.

One Twitter user wrote a series of tweets about making such a dramatic sartorial statement on your daughter's wedding day.


She said: "the pure awe i experienced when i saw this was labeled a "mother of the bride" dress"

She continued: "'DARling, did you forGET to inVITE your MOTHER????'-- me in this extremely normal mother-of-the-bride dress, slamming into my daughter's wedding mid-Mendelssohn while a lightning storm rages outside. the guests gasp in terror [sic]," she wrote in a tweet on Monday that has since amassed more than 21,000 likes (at the time of writing).

The post prompted a flurry of responses from other tweeters rejoicing in the dramatic scenarios that might lead to a mother of the bride wearing this dress.

One said: "The year is 2060. I'm 65 years old, but my skincare routine and medical technology has rendered me an elegant, ageless beauty. A perpetual bachelorette, I arrive solo, wearing this, to my only child's wedding. The 3 possible fathers are also present. A scene is caused."

Another tweeted: "Whoever invites me to their wedding next I 100% promise to
(a) wear this dress;
(b) show up during the ceremony LATE and LOUD;
(c) cause an elegant but terrible scene during the reception; and
(d) throw a full glass of red wine on the relative of your choosing during said scene"

Then continued: "Before you ask, yes there WILL be multiple wig changes and yes I will shout "don't you TOUCH my DIAMONDS, they're on LOAN from GEORGIO"

Another simply said: "I'm planning on wearing this to my billionaire husband's funeral

Featured Image Credit: Etsy/Tonena

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Amelia Jones

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