Idris Elba Has Shaved Off His Beard And He Looks Completely Different

He might come across like a tough guy on screen but Idris Elba has revealed his soft side and insecurities about his face shape after going clean shaven for a role. The Luther actor also paid moving tribute to his late father in the video he shared on Instagram on Saturday.

The 46-year-old actor, who was voted People's Sexiest Man Alive in 2018, debuted his new bare face for his three million Instagram followers to show how he'd cast away his famous beard.

Idris shaved it off for his role as Macavity, the Mystery Cat, in the movie version of the Andrew Lloyd-Webber musical Cats.

Credit: PA Images
Credit: PA Images

But turns out the twice-divorced star and his wife-to-be, Sabrina - who in the video he calls his 'wife', aren't fans of his new look.

He explained: "You know there is a reason why you know black men love facial hair, you know what I'm saying? It's a kind of a shape thing. Whenever I have to shave off my facial hair it's like what the front door man - but then every now and again, as I get older, I just have to appreciate it."

The father-of-two, who is engaged to Sabrina Dhowre, 30, explains what precisely about his lower face he doesn't like without a beard: "I always struggled with this bit between my nose and my top lip, it's like massive, you get me."

In a moving moment, the Luther star stroked his face as he spoke of his mother and father, who died five years ago following a battle with cancer.

He admits: "And this is my mum and dad's face. And not only did they give me this face but they gave me the facial hair, and they gave me the brains behind the facial hair."

But that doesn't mean the no-facial hair look is growing on him (pun intended): "But nah man, I'm missing my shit right now."

He goes on to explain why he shaved in the first place: "Real talk. I'm making a movie at the moment where they insisted, based on the special effects, that you have to shave it. Struggling!"

Credit: Instagram/Idris Elba
Credit: Instagram/Idris Elba

His followers, as usual, were there to offer the star support with over 185k likes at the time of writing and comments along the lines of: "Still the sexiest man alive, with or without the mustache [sic]. Very handsome with the mustache [sic] but it's the personality and character that brings forth sexiness!"

And: "So hot clean shaven or bearded!"

A few fans weren't so enthusiastic about his new look. One said: "Makes u look younger but prefer the stubble/facial hair"

And others were focussed on another detail entirely: "Oops did you slip up and say my " wife" , hell I just fainted, yall married??? Congrats Idris, I love yall, stay together and I will see yall soon!!! Still on the ground from fainting!!!"

But are well unanimous on one point: "Thank you to your mom and dad for creating you"

Featured Image Credit: PA Images

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