NASA Is Paying Women £14,000 To Stay In Bed For Two Months

If your top Google search is 'How can I make money with zero effort?' then NASA may have the perfect job for you.

Working in a partnership with German Aerospace Centre (DLR), the space agency is paying women £14,000 to stay in bed for two months.

Healthy women between the ages of 24 and 55 are being recruited for the Artificial Gravity Bed Rest Study, which researches the effect of weightlessness on the human body.

Credit: DLR
Credit: DLR

The study runs across 89 days: 15 days of familiarisation, 60 days of bed rest and then 14 days of rest and astronaut rehab to get you back to normal life after two months off.

Each person taking part in the study will live in a single room, where the temperature is kept constant. You'll also need to do everything horizontally, including eating and showering.

Credit: DLR
Credit: DLR

You won't spend the days completely bored either, as NASA allows leisure activities like watching TV and reading.

The researchers say that you could use the 60 days of bed rest to learn a new skill (horizontally, of course). "The research team makes sure that you do not get up or lift your head," explains the study.

So, in reality you could spend two months lying in bed, watching Netflix and reading magazines without anyone nagging you.

Credit: DLR
Credit: DLR

Each day, you'll also spend 30 minutes in a 'human centrifuge' which 'generates artificial gravity and distributes body fluids back into the body', with NASA promising it won't be like a fairground ride as it goes 'slowly'.

There's a team of top scientists, physiotherapists and medics on-hand to ensure your well-being, too.

The study has also brought in nutritionists to plan out all your meals to ensure you stay in shape after taking two months hiatus from the gym and spending your days in bed.

NASA and DLR are paying €16,500, which works out at just over £14,000, and the study is running from September to December this year.

Where do we sign up?! Here.

Featured Image Credit: Unsplash

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