​11 Signs You're Ready To Live With Your Other Half

So you've been together a while and made it through the honeymoon period. But are you ready to live together? Here are the signs you're ready to make the commitment...

1. You've had seriously BIG arguments, but come out stronger. This is a good sign that you're in it for the long haul. If your relationship is strong, you'll be able to make it through whatever is thrown at you. You don't want to be in the situation of breaking up with a mortgage or rent over your head. Disaster.

2. You can spend a lot of time together, without wanting to stick pins in your eyes. Or his. If you want to kill each other after spending days at a time together, it's not a good sign. You should be enjoying each other's company and miss them when they're not there. It's boring without your bestie around!

3. You can travel and go on holiday together without wanting to kill each other. Travelling can be stressful. You don't need your partner doing your nut in when you're jetlagged, have lost your boarding passes or the car's broken down. If it's a long journey, you need to get on!

4. You can deal with each other's bad habits. If his farting in bed repulses you, can you deal with that every night?

5. You practically live together anyway. Your other half is always at your place, or you're always at theirs. Seems like the obvious next step for you both!

6. You have 'your' TV shows and it is an absolute SIN to watch it without your partner. You wouldn't dare turn on Netflix without them!

7. You don't need to look flawless all the time. Although I'm sure you do, you don't need to be waking up half an hour before him to brush your teeth and apply some foundation. Embrace that morning breath and makeup-free skin, girl.

8. You can give each other space, without freaking out. Everybody needs space. You can do your own thing and go out with the girls whilst he goes for a beer with the lads and you look forward to coming home to each other later.

9. You can both see a future. You do not want to be in the dreaded broken-up-living-together scenario. Make sure you're both certain about each other and your futures include each other. Marriage, babies, the lot.

10. It's not a pressured decision. Have you really decided that this is what you want or are your friends pressuring you? Have you put pressure on your partner? It's a big commitment, you've gotta be ready.

11. You can talk about important things like money, budgeting, mortgages and what takeaway to get. The latter being the most important, obvz.

Have you ticked all the boxes? Sounds to us like you're ready to take the next step!

Written by Hannah Rainey

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