Your wedding is meant to be the best day of your life, so understandably you want everything to be perfect.

While for most of us, that means finding the right dress and ensuring that all your friends and family have a lovely time, a new breed of Bridezillas are taking their wedding planning to the extreme with a list of military demands.

Lucy Hunt,a self-described Bridezilla is determined to make her wedding the centre of attention and has given her guests a list of demands from the strange, to the downright ludicrous, explaining that:

I call the shots and that's what will make sure I have the best day of my life.

To start, red, white and pale pinks colours are out right banned, as they clash with her colour scheme. To be fair, that one we can understand.

However, the rest will raise a few eyebrows.

To ensure no one will upstage her, she has banned any glamorous women from her wedding, extensively vetting guests' social media accounts to ensure that they aren't greater than an 8/10.

So basically, if you did get an invite to the wedding, you should be very insulted, as Lucy thinks you're an average Anna. SMH.

She has also banned children and, especially, 'cute' babies.

Following in the footsteps of Pippa Middleton, Lucy is operating a 'no bling, no ring' policy, which has understandably ruffled a few feathers.

One guest has been told that he cannot bring his pregnant girlfriend unless 'he puts a ring on it'. Charming.

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Those 'lucky' enough to be bridesmaids are being put under a thorough monitoring regime before the big day. They are all required to fit into size 10 dresses before the October wedding, with regular weigh-ins to monitor their weight loss progress.

Lucy's sister wouldn't comply with her request to take diet pills in order to loose weight and was subsequently cut from the wedding. Talk about sisterly love!

Of course, no wedding would be complete without a hen do, and Lucy wants her bridesmaids to surprise her with three separate parties; two for her top 20 friends and one for the older ladies. How this girl has friends in the first place, I really don't know.

On the day itself, bridesmaids aren't allowed to complain and must be at Lucy's beckon call 24/7 with emergency sewing kits on hand. They are also strictly forbidden from any dramatic hair cut or colour changes. I would 100% rock up with a neon pink buzz cut to be honest.

For her grand debut as a bride, Lucy has no less than five dresses for the day itself, after being inspired by Kate and William's royal wedding.

She told The Sun:

When Kate married William and changed for the reception I had a light bulb moment - I'll wear a range of dresses on the day and have stand-by dresses. It's my chance to be a princess.

So what does the lucky groom have to say about Lucy's antics?

He told the publication:

Lucy tells me what's happening and I let her go for it. She is incredibly organised but it does drive me crazy.
I'm just happy we've sorted the suits. I know that she'll look amazing on our big day. I just hope the guests show up!

Run, Matthew, Run.

Meanwhile, I can't even get a text back.

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