You Can Now Get Giant Ferrero Rocher Christmas Crackers

If you're looking for a way to add a bit of elegance to your Christmas dinner, then look no further than Ferrero Rocher Christmas crackers.

The gorgeous golden crackers will act as a great table decoration, before becoming the ultimate after-dinner treat.

Sainsbury's and Debenhams are both selling the Ferrero Rocher crackers, although they come in different sizes depending on where you choose to buy them from.

Credit: Debenhams
Credit: Debenhams

The Debenhams decorations contain four packs each and all contain an impressive three Ferrero Rochers which amounts to a decent 150g of chocolate per cracker.

Each cracker will also contain a foil hat and trivia card, because what would Christmas be without a foil hat and a good old puzzle?

Alternatively, the Sainsbury's crackers contain just one cracker per pack but they are significantly bigger and include a total of 210g of chocolate, which we're definitely in favour of.

Credit: Sainsbury's
Credit: Sainsbury's

However, the sweet Chrimbo treats don't come cheap, costing £8 a cracker from Sainsbury's and £15 for a pack from Debenhams.

If you fancy taking your cracker game just that little further because, hey, it's Christmas, you can now get pink gin crackers.

Pinkster is selling the incredible crackers which each contain a mini 5cl bottles of the pink stuff, as well as a little jar of booze-infused jam, but unfortunately there's no signs of foil hats or cringeworthy jokes.

Credit: Pinkster
Credit: Pinkster

The crackers are £15.99 each so they are a little on the pricey side but if there's one time you can splash out on the finer things in life, it's Christmas.

You can buy a pack of six in a different design for £47.50, however your cracker will only have either a jar of jam or a bottle gin inside - hopefully luck will be on your side.

The pack of six saves you almost 50 per cent, and these crackers still contain a cheesy joke and a party hat, which is a complete bargain.

Featured Image Credit: Sainsbury's

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