Kinder Bueno Ice Creams Finally On Sale In UK Supermarkets

After the internet sobbed over the news that Kinder Bueno ice creams existed but were only available oversees, this might be the best thing you've read all year - the hazelnut treats have now been spotted in the frozen aisles of ASDA.

The supermarket is selling three different kids of the Bueno ice creams, each priced at £3.50 per multi-pack.

You can choose from Kinder Bueno cones, Kinder ice cream sandwiches and Kinder ice cream sticks, all available in the freezers at ASDA as well as on Ocado.

Credit: Kinder
Credit: Kinder

The sandwiches are milk ice cream in between two wafers, coming in packs of six.

And the crunchy wafer ice cream cones are made from hazelnut-flavoured ice cream with a milk chocolate sauce hidden inside, topped with a chocolate disk - these come in fours.

Lastly there are the sticks, which come with a total of 10 in a multi-pack, and look fairly similar to a mini milk. However, for these milk ice cream is half encased in a layer of chocolate.

Instagram page Instafoodietwins first posted the find on social media.

It might not exactly be the weather for frozen ice creams, but supermarket Co-op has also added a few new items to its freezer aisles just in time for Easter.

Credit: Cadbury
Credit: Cadbury

Supermarket shoppers can now choose from three different Creme Egg ice creams, and they are all priced at a very affordable £1.50 per pot or pack.

The tubs combine vanilla-flavoured ice cream with swirls of fondant sauce and chunks of Cadbury chocolate.

There's also limited edition wafer cones coated in Cadbury milk chocolate, which come in boxes of eight. These are made from vanilla ice cream all inside a biscuit wafer with a fondant sauce centre, and are then dipped in chocolate to crunch into.

Credit: Cadbury
Credit: Cadbury

There are also boxes of regular chocolate coated ice creams, which come with three in a pack. Grab a spoon, we're going in.

Featured Image Credit: Kinder

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