Capri-Sun's New Fairy Drinks Will Take You On A Magical Adventure

I think we can all agree that we deserve a bit of magic in our lives and luckily, Capri-Sun is here to deliver exactly that.

The juice brand is bringing all the goods with its adorable Fairy Drink range that promises to take you on a magical journey.

Capri-Sun's official website reads: "Our fairies grant you four delicious wishes, and their names are Banana, Apple, Lemon and Strawberry.

Credit: Capri-Sun
Credit: Capri-Sun

"Through thick, thin and the roughest ride on your enchanted unicorn, Capri-Sun's practical pouch carries your favourite drink safely at your side.

"What fairy-tale adventure awaits you today?"

Unfortunately for us Brits, the deliciously cute drinks only seem to be available in Germany, but we're more than ready to campaign to get them available here in the UK.

While we wait patiently for Capri-Sun to bring the Fairy Drinks over to us, we're going to head to ASDA to stock up on some of these adorable Unicorn Smarties.


The delicious chocolate treats are a twist on the classic Smarties style and come in pastel colours of pink and baby blue.

The special edition sharing bags cost just £1 per pack and hit the shelves of ASDA last month, but they're so cute they're bound to be a sell-out so keep your eyes peeled.

Stephanie Scales from Nestlé UK said: "Smarties is all about the colour and, if you are a fan of the colourful world of unicorns, then these are your perfectly Instagramable summer accessory for everything from road-trips to creative baking.

"And even if unicorns aren't really your thing then that's OK too because it's still the same delicious taste of Smarties once you open the bag."

I dare anyone to say they don't believe in magic after discovering these amazing new Fairy Drinks and Unicorn Smarties.

We'll take ten bags please.

Featured Image Credit: PRETTY52

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