If I'm being honest, I've been using the same pinky shade of blusher for years and while I think it looks fine, it's purely guesswork that I ended up with this particular shade.

But if you're not quite satisfied with your chosen hue but have no idea where to start, this simple hack can help. According to one of Bustle's make-up gurus Kim Carpluk, a trick she learned from Yvonne MacInnis, the Global Educating Artist for Marc Jacobs Beauty has always steered her well.

Simply pull down your bottom lip, and check the colour of your skin there.

Take a peek at the inside of your bottom lip. This color, which is different on everyone, is a great guideline to what color 'exists' organically in each individual skin tone organically.

Credit: Pretty52

This should give you the colour that matches your face perfectly. So the next time someone looks at you like you're a weirdo in Boots, you can bestow this wisdom upon them!

Featured Image Credit: Pixabay

Jade Moscrop

Jade Moscrop heads up the Pretty52 team. She has an unhealthy obsession with her dog, loves all varieties of cheese and doesn't mind a glass of wine or two.

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