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Red Wine Hair Colour Is The Trend For Christmas

There's just over a month to go before Christmas and with the temperature dropping, it's time to clad yourself in coats, thick jumpers and scarves.

A glass of red wine in front of a roaring fire is heaven at this time of year - and our obsession with merlot has now extended to our hair, too.

Red wine coloured hair is popping up all over Instagram. Like a large glass of pinot noir, it's characterised by a deep, brunette red, with touches of chocolate brown and cherry.


It's pretty low maintenance too, as you won't need to keep getting your roots done - keeping them dark actually looks really good.

And for brunettes, colouring your hair a red wine shade won't leave you with dry, damaged locks because you don't always need to bleach it first.

Speaking to Allure, New York City-based hair colourist Rachel Bodt said she loved the idea of "mulled wine" hair because it incorporates all different tones of reds, including blues and violets.

"It looks super dimensional, youthful, and is a way more modern way to pull off a deep, red colour," she said.

You can choose shades that suit your skin tone too, with brighter reds suiting fairer people and darker tones on deep complexions.


Prefer darker tones? Try this blackberry colour for a pop of navy blue.

Created by hairstylist Megan Schipani, the style takes around eight hours to achieve, but is super simple to maintain.

Megan used a balayage technique to lighten the strands that would be dyed purple, before applying L'Anza Hair Care Vibes in shades of purple to the hair with a hint of blue.

She told Allure: "My client came in telling me that she was a busy mum who needed low-maintenance colour that was still fun.

"The day before her appointment, I had received a few packages of a new direct-dye line and knowing that my client was in the market for purples, it just clicked.

"Believe it or not, this colour really doesn't require a whole lot of care, apart from the typical cold rinses and infrequent washing routine.

"Since I didn't bleach her out or touch her roots, the colour should grow out super smoothly."

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