As far as Harry Potter merchandise goes, we're usually sold on pretty much anything going.

From makeup brushes to bath bombs, there isn't a wizarding ware in the land we'd turn our noses up at.

But just as we were beginning to think we owned everything we possibly could when it comes to Potterhead products, Primark dropped an entire magical range, and it's safe to say there isn't a single thing you won't want.

Hogwarts Primark Makeup Bag
Credit: Primark

Seriously, the brand has come a long way since it was your go-to place for tights and multi-packs of rings - it's now a haven for all Potterheads, and you'll wet yourself with excitement when you see everything on offer.

Some of our favourite pieces from the collection, though, have to be the makeup bags.

There's one for every house, so whether you're a Slytherin, Gryffindor, Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff (sucks to be you), there's definitely a bag to keep your muggle-self happy.

Credit: Hufflepuff

Image: Primark

And before you start pulling your hair out trying to decide which one you want, we should probably mention that the bags only cost £4 each, so if you want to treat yourself to all five, you totally can.

But makeup bags are just a start, because the home where Harry got his scar - De Vere house - is also on the market.

Primark Gryffindor Makeup Bag
Credit: Primark

Slytherin Primark Makeup Bag
Image: Primark

It's just a tiny bit more expensive than the makeup bags at almost a million quid, but if you do have that kind of dollar knocking about, why wouldn't you buy it?

You can make believe that you're trying out for your house's Quidditch team...

Credit: Warner Bros.

To be fair, the amount of money you'll save on your HP merch going forward thanks to Primark will probably be a lot - though a whole million may be pushing it.

Actually, anybody got a few spare Galleons going?

Rachel Pugh

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