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Nostril Hair Extensions Are The Beauty Trend Nobody Asked For

The internet is the birthplace of many beauty trends we have jumped to try out ourselves, but here's one we definitely will not be trying: nostril hair extensions.

That's right, a number of beauty bloggers and vloggers have taken to Instagram to show of the results of their long and luscious nostril hair extensions, and we are truly lost for words.

The bold results are not one for the fainthearted, but if you do want to give it a go, it seems like you can achieve the look using a pair of false lashes.


Beauty fans are using the hashtag #nosehairextensions on the platform to share their attempt at the look, and there is a total of 435 post (at the time of writing) to browse through.

The trend is not exactly new as it first emerged in 2017 and, surprisingly, it seems like it has somehow managed to linger around. It's now doing the rounds again on social media this week, and no doubt will gain more traction.

The look was originally credited to @gret_chen_chen, who gave herself nostril hair extensions with some spare fake eyelashes, gluing them onto her nose - although from a safety point of view, it is probably not a good idea to be putting eyelash glue anywhere near your nose.

If nostril hair extensions don't float your boat, then there's loads of other weird and wacky trends to try out instead.


Last year, beauty bloggers went all out to try and create the most unique eyebrows the internet had ever seen.

First there were fishtail brows, then eyebrow ponytails and even high heel brows, which were shaped like a towering stiletto.

While they might not be something you'll be rocking on a daily basis, at least you'll get a few Instagram snaps out of it, right?

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