From LUSH complaints to a toy horse that had one too many details, we've heard some very unusual customer service stories this week, but this one might take the prize for the most fiery.

Make-up artist Ciera Jewel had just opened the Jeffree Star Skin Frost highlighter when she discovered a big ol' black hair embedded into it. Somewhat unpleasant, for sure, so Ciera decided to speak out about the issue and, of course, she tweeted Jeffree's company.

Unfortunately, as she had decided to contact customer services on what can only be described as a Sunday night (New Year's day, no less!) they didn't get back to her immediately. And Ciera was not happy.

So then, doing what any sensible Millenial would, Ciera took her complaints to Instagram and, seeing that it was Monday by this point, customer services sorted the issue and offered her a replacement product and a full refund:

But Ciera was not placated and continued ranting. We found a reply to one of her tweets that pretty much sums up our feelings on the situation that Ciera was going through:

Anyway, Ciera was going off on a mad one, retweeting and sharing tweets and complaints from her followers who were also complaining about Jeffree Star and his products.

And then ol' Jeffree waded into the drama with a few shady subtweets:

Maybe being hella passive aggressive is something we could leave in 2016 too?

Anyway, it all kicked off when Jeffree responded to a fan who claimed that Ciera had bought a fake product, prompting Ciera to throw herself back into the fray with a tweet of her own:

And then Jeffree just went the f*ck off:

In the immortal words of Harry Hill, there's only one way to solve this... FIIIIIIGHT!

And it all ended with the push of a button, despite Ciera claiming she had never intended to stir the tea:

To be fair, in our humble opinion, both parties acted pretty childishly in this instance, but eh, that's life these days!

What do you think? Who was in the right here? Or was everyone wrong? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Featured Image Credit: Instagram

Jack Rear

Jack is a writer at Pretty52. He's a got a lot of enthusiasm for video-games, superheroes, and reading. He's not above dishing out some serious sass either.

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