Beard Bouquets Are The Wedding Trend No One Asked For

A new wedding trend which sees the groom's beard transformed into a bouquet of flowers is growing in popularity, and it is blooming brilliant.

The groom is no longer limited to just a corsage pinned to their suit on their big day anymore, as they can now opt for a flower-full beard as they walk down the aisle, if florals are their thing.

From a full on bouquet of roses or just a scattering of white daisies carefully intertwined in their bushy beard, the trend can be as subtle or as bold as the groom wants.

It can also be matched up to the bride's bouquet (although it's probably a trend to avoid if either of you suffer from hay-fever!).

As long as your hubby-to-be has a thick beard to place the flowers inside so they don't drop out, the striking, floral look should be easy for grooms to recreate.

Many men, such as @AJPauline, have showcased the results of their floral beard creations on social media, but the trend has divided Instagram users.

"My allergies flared up from just looking at this content," joked one unimpressed Instagram user.

Echoing the above sentiment, another person declared: "Okay millennials, this time you've gone too far."

But one lover of the trend exclaimed: "This is so cool!!"

Beard bouquets are a much more summery take on the new festive trend of beard baubles that has re-emerged once again this Christmas.

'Baubles for your beard' isn't a brand new trend though, as it started growing in popularity last Christmas and it's made a comeback this December, too.

The uniquely festive look sees men carefully clip teeny tiny, specially-made baubles into their beards, turning their facial hair into something that resembles more of a Christmas tree.

Credit: Firebox
Credit: Firebox

And if baubles for your beard aren't enough, you can also get your hands on facial hair fairy lights as well. Firebox is selling the beard fairy lights for just £10.99.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/carefulimagesbycara/AJ Pauline

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