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ASOS Forget To Edit The Clips Off This Dress And People Are Kicking Off

Have you ever ordered a gorgeous-looking new outfit online, only for it to arrive and hang loose at (or too tight) in all the wrong places? Well, you're not alone, and there's no denying that it can have a bit of a confidence knock, prompting us to ask how something can look so good on the online model, yet so god awful on us.

Well, ASOS has just given us a little glimpse into why that's so often the case, by accidentally forgetting to edit some clips out of a shot advertising a midi dress.


The unfortunate error was spotted by Twitter user @xronnieanna, who wrote: "uhmm ..think you forgot to edit those clips out." Awkward.

ASOS responded to the tweet, writing :"Hi Ronnie, thank you for raising this with us. We're sorry to hear the clips are showing in the picture. We'll now raise this with our specialist team. If you have any questions please send us a message we'd be happy to help."

However, Ronnie's tweet quickly racked up more than 13,000 likes, with hundreds of comments questioning why the clips were even necessary in the first place.

"Hey why not clearly show how the dress fits," one person asked. "Instead of changing it to fit in a different way than it clearly wouldn't without the clip, definitely an idea for the specialist team."


Another fumed: "Wow, these sorts of things makes girls and even guys feel soo sh*te like make the clothes actually fit a normal person and don't clip it so it's a different shape than what it's actually gonna turn up like! F*ck the edited bs give us the pictures that show the clothes that fit fs [sic]."

One person had a reasonable suggestion as to why the clips could have been used, explaining: "It could be cos they don't have her size so she is wearing a size too big for her. I work in retail and if we don't have the right size clothes for the mannequins we put on a bigger size and clip it like this, I could be wrong tho [sic]."

However, people were quick to respond that even if this were the case, it doesn't give a true representation of how the clothes should fit.

Shortly after the tweet went viral, ASOS corrected its image to the clip-less version, prompting one person to comment, "Kris Jenner works hard, but ASOS works harder."

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/ASOS

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