Michelle Obama Showed Off Her Natural Curls For The First Time And The Internet Is Loving It

Everyone's favourite First Lady Michelle Obama has revealed her natural curls for the first time, to the delight of the internet.

Posing on the front of the December/January issue of Essence, a monthly magazine celebrating African-American women, Michelle showed off her glorious natural curls for the first time.

The internet immediately responded with resounding positivity, celebrating Michelle's look and calling her "gorgeous", "glowing", and, of course, "#hairgoals".

Fans were quick to celebrate Michelle's natural look, a departure from her usual straight style, saying the decision was a "cultural moment".

In the magazine, Michelle opens up about her relationship with the former president Barack Obama.

In her Essence interview, Michelle talks about how she knew Barack was the one for her, saying that she needed to look outside of their relationship to see what he would be like as a husband, and calling him "consistent", "honest", "respectful" and "secure".

Credit: PA Images
Credit: PA Images

"From our very first conversations, he showed me that he wasn't afraid to express his fears and doubts, or that he might not have all the answers," she told the magazine.

"Just as important, I saw who he was not only in the way he treated me but in the way he interacted with others outside of our relationship. He showed me that he respected women by the way he treated his mother, his sisters, and his grandmother."

The inspirational former First Lady and advocate has dominated the headlines for all the right reasons over the last few weeks thanks to her upcoming memoir, Becoming.

Credit: PA Images
Credit: PA Images

The book follows Michelle's life, all the way from her childhood in Chicago to her life spent at the White House, with revelations about everything from her opinions on Donald Trump to the shocking Sandy Hook tragedy.

In one memorable excerpt, she wrote: "I will always wonder about what led so many women, in particular, to reject an exceptionally qualified female candidate and instead choose a misogynist as their president."

You can read an excerpt from the book in the Essence issue.

Words by: Deborah Cicurel

Featured Image Credit: PA Images

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