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​This Is The Best Time To Find A Match On Tinder

If you've been pretty unlucky on Tinder so far, it's time to completely clear your diary on Mondays at 9pm as it has been announced as the peak time to find a Tinder match.

Let's be honest nothing really happens at 9pm on a Monday anyway, so it's the perfect time to give those thumbs some exercise and swipe right on the partner of your dreams.

You can thank us during the wedding speech.


9pm on a Monday is the best time to swipe right. (Credit: Pexels)
9pm on a Monday is the best time to swipe right. (Credit: Pexels)

If you really want to up your Tinder game there are some important months and specific days you need to dedicate plenty of swiping time to.

Tinder has said that March was the most active month for Brits, maybe they were laying the ground work for a Summer romance and if you keep in mind the rule about Mondays you might just find the one.

Also, if you can move to Oxford that would be ideal as the city has been named as the fourth best city in the world for being lucky on the app- just call it the city of love.

March was also a successful month for single Brits. (Credit: Tinder)
March was also a successful month for single Brits. (Credit: Tinder)

After the excitement of Christmas and New Year, Blue Monday of 2018 (January 15th) and Blue Monday eve (14th January) saw more Brits sign up to the app. Don't forget that is also the start of the one month countdown to Valentine's Day.


If you have matched with someone and you're really nervous about starting a conversation with your new match then the best weekend to instigate a conversation is apparently the 13-14th October with more conversations starting over that weekend than anytime in 2018.

The word 'fit' is also one of the most used terms by Brits on Tinder and we were the only nation where the word 'mum' made it into the top terms in user's bios.

If you have Drake's 'In My Feelings' as your favourite song then you are also definitely not alone as it is the number one anthem for Tinder users this year.

Featured Image Credit: PA Images

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