This Dog's Been Travelling The World And Documenting It All On Video

Adorable chihuahua, Jonathan Warren, is having an 'Eat, Pray, Woof' travel awakening and amassing a serious social-media following in the process.

So far Jonathan has travelled to eight countries including France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Canada, Belgium, Holland, and Luxembourg - posing for a series of Instagram-worthy snaps along the way.

But lucky Jonathan hasn't always lived such a lavish lifestyle as the six-year-old pupper was once living in a rescue centre in Georgia, US, awaiting a death sentence before he was adopted.

Thankfully his owners: marketing director, Amanda Klecker, 31, and her PR husband Jeremy Simon, 37, adopted him and the rest is history.

Amanda, from New York, US, said: "I trvel a lot with work and now only fly with airlines that allow dogs in cabin as Jonathan loves the window seat.

"He loves being on planes, trains, and in cars. He likes to cuddle up in his bag or on our laps, and just hang out with us.

"He has never had an accident or shown the need to go to the bathroom while he's on the flight, I think he just knows the drill and likes to kick back and relax while we're in the air.

"We love bringing him to Europe because everywhere is so dog-friendly, he gets to experience everything with us from dining out or sunbathing on a rooftop pool.

Credit: Caters
Credit: Caters

"We want to show him the world, not just because he was once destined to only see the inside of a cage, but because we know sharing his adventures can help eliminate the negative stigma surrounding shelter animals and help shed a positive light on adoptable pets."

The couple now refuse to go on holiday unless Jonathan is by their side.

"We both love taking Jonathan on holiday with us and he loves it too, when he sees our suitcases, he sulks until he sees his and then he gets excited," Amanda added.

"He prances around, and this makes us more excited for the trip. We could never leave him behind knowing how much he enjoys his holidays, it's so important to us to take him with us."

Boasting an impressive 16.6k followers on his Instagram page @jonathanwarrenofficial, this pooch is living the dream after being adopted when he was 12 months old and is now a veritable influencer.

Credit: Caters
Credit: Caters

Amanda explained: "I first saw him at a dog shelter in Connecticut and I instantly fell in love.

"I could see all his ribs and the bones in his spine, and his long thin legs looked even longer by comparison of his tiny body!

Credit: Caters
Credit: Caters

"But I still thought he was the most handsome little man and fell in love immediately.

"His name in the shelter was Johnny but I could tell right away that he was more of a Jonathan as he is very prim and proper.

"He crosses his legs and gives you the look with his eyes and you know he is judging you.

Credit: Caters
Credit: Caters

"At one point, he was going to be a dog who has only ever seen a cage and then die but now he is living the dream.

"He instantly adapted to the high life on the Upper East Side in Manhattan - he was meant to be here!"

We can't wait to see where Jonathan goes next. Follow him on Instagram here.

Featured Image Credit: Caters

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