Cat Turns From Black To White After Developing Vitiligo

A cat from Germany has turned white from black after developing vitiligo.

Three-year-old Moggy Elli was diagnosed with a skin pigmentation condition when she was just 18-months-old.

Her owner, Nicole Böhm, 39, from Rauenberg, Germany, has been documenting the change in her fur on Elli's Instagram page.

Elli was originally a black cat with a white tuxedo like her sister Rosie, but is now almost completely white with a few black spots, almost like a cat version of a Dalmatian dog.Credit: Caters News Agency
Credit: Caters News Agency

Vitiligo is a long-term skin condition where pale white patches develop on a person or animal's skin over time.

It is caused by a lack melanin which is a pigment in the skin and can affect any part of the body but is most common on parts that are most exposed to the sun such as hands, neck, face and anywhere the skin creases.

It is thought to affect one in a hundred people in the UK. Aside from the changing colour of the skin, it doesn't cause any ill effects or pain.

Although doctors can easily assess the condition in humans, it is much harder in animals and vets are unable to predict which cats might develop the condition. Vitiligo is extremely rare in cats but some do develop it as they get older, just like Elli.

Credit: Caters News Agency
Credit: Caters News Agency

But that doesn't seem to get the kitty down.

"The vitiligo has been a slow process over the last two years; it's still developing even now," says Böhm. "Luckily, it doesn't affect her in any way than the way she looks - she's still as happy and playful as always!"

Credit: Caters News Agency
Credit: Caters News Agency

Plus, she's still super cute.

Featured Image Credit: Caters News Agency

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