As a mum, you are constantly criticised for how you choose to raise your child. There's always going to be someone who disagrees with baby-wearing or breastfeeding in public or even the fact that you choose to not smack your child. Everyone is different, and yet the pressures are always there to please everyone.

Imagine being a celebrity mum. Not only are all these pressures already there, but you've also got thousands of people judging your parenting whom you've never even met.

Credit: Instagram

Chrissy Teigen recently posted an adorable photo of herself and her daughter, Luna, going down a slide in a park.

"Weeeee are very skeptical of slides right now," wrote Chrissy, who is currently pregnant with her second child.

But while most normal people looked at the photo and saw a lovely moment of bonding between the pair, some parents saw danger and told Chrissy as much in the comments - because, they said, she was risking breaking her daughter's trailing left leg.

"Just a heads up that this can break your little one's leg!" one person wrote. "I have three friends who have had this happen!"

"OMG this makes me cringe after seeing a friend go down the slide like this with their baby and seeing the baby's leg break!" said another.

A few commenters sought to explain the risk by linking to a New York Times piece referencing a study undertaken at Winthrop University Hospital in Mineola, New York.

The study found that 'nearly 14 percent of pediatric leg fractures over an 11-month period involved toddlers riding down the slide with a parent.' That's a lot of broken little legs.

The study explained that the child's leg can get caught between or under parents' legs on the slide, with the force of the parent sliding down causing the bones to break.

Whether the advice was informative or just rude, though, Chrissy's supporters were having none of it. They too started to chime in, telling critics to stop policing how other mothers parent.

"My 4 kids never got broken legs, especially not on a 5 ft slide," one supporter said.

"Beautiful picture! Don't listen to the haters! They're actually just jealous that you look better than them coming down a 5ft slide," wrote another.

Of course, you can't keep the ever-vocal Chrissy quiet for long, and she eventually weighed back in with a typically sarky riposte of her own.

Credit: Instagram/Chrissy Teigen

"Wish you guys would have told me about the leg thing earlier. They broke. Both of them. And everyone else's in the park broke too just from watching it happen. There are so many broken legs here," she joked.

Chrissy also addressed concerns about Luna's left leg, pointing out that the photo only showed the moment Chrissy lifted Luna into her lap, not the moment they actually went down the slide.

All in all, then, a bit of fuss over nothing. But, hey, at least we learned something from it.

Mel Ramsay

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