There's Now A Pillow That Makes Spooning Really Comfortable

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, you can now give your lover the gift of not getting a dead arm while enjoying a good old spoon.

That's because US-based company Coodle has invented a special cuddle that makes spooning far more comfortable for both big and little spoon.The Coodle Pillow. Credit: Coodle
The Coodle Pillow. Credit: Coodle
We've all been there. The dreaded numbness that comes with the territory of being big spoon, and the achy neck that ensures after a few hours of being little spoon.

The Coodle pillow is a memory foam pillow styled into an arch shape, with plastic ribs inside to help it keep its shape.

Basically, it takes the weight of the spoonee's head off the spooner's arm, allowing it to fit snuggly through the arch.

The Coodle Pillow. Credit: Coodle
The Coodle Pillow. Credit: Coodle

The innovative pillow is a little pricey at $65 (£49) each, but can you really put a price on being able to cuddle to your heart's content without cutting off the blood circulation of your special someone?

It was invented by real-life couple Bob and Shirley, who love cuddling up to watch TV, according to the product website.

A spooning Coodle couple. Credit: Coodle
A spooning Coodle couple. Credit: Coodle

After suffering from a numb arm himself, Bob cut foam and bent plastic in his oven to create a funnel-shaped pillow, and eventually named it 'Coodle' before securing a utility patent from the United States Patent Office.

"A concept, a dream, an invention can spark a person's spirit so that it bypasses doubt and fear. Making the leap, big or small, is something we all do in our lives. We won't know success if we let that opportunity pass or fade away," the website states

Credit: Coodle
Credit: Coodle

Obviously the Coodle pillow doesn't have to be used in just spooning - it's ideal for lying on your side watching TV and other lone soldier activities.

However, unfortunately for Brits, the pillow is currently only available for our friends across the pond in the US - but we can live in hope that one day it'll be our turn too.

Featured Image Credit: Coodle

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