New Dating App Lets Your Friends Pick Matches For You

Brand new dating app Ship is handing the fate of your romantic life over to your best friend as it lets them swipe on your behalf.

If there's one person who knows you better than you know yourself it's your best friend.

They've been there for you through all the break-ups and make-ups, and they probably don't want you to go through it all again so they are probably the best people to make all your major dating decisions.

Another bonus is that the app is free, so you don't have to pay or even do the swiping to find the love of your life.

Created by media company Betches, the app still lets you set your own preferences so your bestie can't go too off the rails.

The app puts your friends in control. (Credit: Betches)
The app puts your friends in control. (Credit: Betches)

Your friends will be able to see which profiles match what you're looking for.

And if they see a perfect match they simply swipe right on the profile.

If they swipe right on the profile, it puts you and all your friends into a group chat so you can discuss the potential match.

The founders of Betches, Aleen Kuperman, Jordana Abraham, and Samantha Fishbein discovered that there was one thing missing from the dating app world - the input of your best friends.

So, they teamed up with Mandy Ginsberg, CEO of the Match Group, to create Ship.

Any matches can be discussed in a group chat. (Credit: Betches)
Any matches can be discussed in a group chat. (Credit: Betches)

Betches founders Kuperman, Abraham, and Fishbein said: "As millennials, dating apps are a part of our collective experience, but the way we connect on these apps doesn't mimic the real-life interaction that happens when people are out with friends.

"That's why we're excited to announce our new dating app, Ship, built to bring social connection back to dating.

"We build our lives around the connections and friendships that matter the most to us, and Ship allows us to be there for our friends as they navigate the world of dating.

"You no longer have to get your friends to wear disguises and sit across the bar on your first date, because we have something even better.

You can add and remove people in the app. (Credit: Betches)
You can add and remove people in the app. (Credit: Betches)

"Ship allows your friends to match for you, and you can send profiles in the in-app group chat before or after you match.

"The chat makes it easy for your friends to discuss a match (and spot any red flags or hidden gems) before you commit to a date.

"Ship brings friends together, even if they're at different places in life. If you're in a relationship, but love playing matchmaker for your single friends, now you can make your own account and choose on their behalf."

Featured Image Credit: Pexels

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