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People Are Sharing All The Silly Names They Have For Their Dogs Online

People are sharing all the silly names they call their dogs, that have nothing to do with their actual names, and they are amazing.

Whenever you get a pet you spend hours thinking of the perfect name, but the chances of you actually calling them by that name are pretty slim.

Someone has started a Twitter thread listing all the things people actually call their pets, ranging from when they are being the cutest things on earth to when they won't pay you any attention.


Credit: Pexels
Credit: Pexels

Most of the names also sound nothing like the original names they are given- no wonder they're so confused.

Poor Rory is being called Chip, Nala is being called small thing, and Brodie is being called Dooty Dot.

There are hundreds of tweets in the thread and they are all amazing.


We usually give nicknames to the people and pets we love, including our partners, but according to a study most Brits prefer their dogs to their partners.

The study, by UK pet healthcare company Everypaw, looked at 1,000 dogs owners and proved the unbreakable bond between dogs and their owners.

Of the people surveyed, twenty-eight per cent of people admitted that they would still let their four-legged friend sleep on the bed every night, meaning their partner would just have to squeeze in if they were staying over.

A huge 85 per cent of owners surveyed admitted to allowing their dogs on the sofa and on their beds and some partners may find themselves being demoted as 22 per cent of dog owners revealed the dog is the boss of their household.

Unsurprisingly, 29 per cent of those surveyed said they let their dogs lick their face, but even though we want to show our pets we love them, it might not be a great idea to let them lick our face..

Everypaw vet Dr Anna Foreman said: "Although face licking is generally fine for healthy humans, if people are immunocompromised (if they're older or very young for example), then there is a risk to health."

Featured Image Credit: Pexels

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