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Woman Pens Heartfelt Open Letter To People Who Look Down On Care Workers

Care workers are not 'glorified ass wipers' says Beth Sturgis, who wrote an open letter to anyone who looks down on them.

The 24-year-old from Plymouth has worked as a care for nearly four years and has said she's completely 'overwhelmed and shocked' at the reaction to her now viral post.


"Nothing gripes me more than when someone's refers to careworkers as 'glorified ass wipers' or their naivety leads them to believe that that is all we do," she wrote.

"Today I was a cleaner, a cook, a hand to hold, a friendly face, a washer, a dresser, a helper, a CARER; today I was human.

"Today I helped a man that has lived through the war wash and dress because old age has now hit him and he is unable to walk or do these things for himself.

"His body is ageing faster than his mind, but he is still so positive and always has a smile on his face.

"Today I helped a lady who this time last year was living her life normally to complete her normal daily tasks.


Credit: PA
Credit: PA

"Because she is now living her life with a cruel disease that has taken over her body and left her unable to do these things for herself, and has confined her to a wheelchair.

"I saw the pain in her eyes, the 'why me?', the frustration behind her smile and her braveness and will to live through this.

"Today I administered medication to a lady living life with Alzheimer's, medication that she doesn't even know why she's taking it.

"Medication that I know and that she knows will not prevent the inevitable.

"Medication that will not prevent the fact that one day she may go from not remembering where she put something, to not remembering who her own family are.

"Medication that will not cure this horrible disease because one has not been found yet and it may never be found. Today I saw the fear in her eyes."

Beth, who works for Bluebird Care even admitted becoming attached to those she cares for and insists her job is in no way 'easy'.

She continued: "I have attended funerals of those I have helped. Those who I have seen twice maybe even four times a day and I have cried at the loss of those lives."

"The impact that has on me is sometimes as sad as the loss of my own family, because it is hard to not become attached.

Credit: SWNS
Credit: SWNS

Beth reveals she's frustrated at the fact she gets paid less than those who work in retail, but she wouldn't give up her job for the world.

"Nothing beats the smile I put on someone's face.

"The satisfaction you get from making a small difference to someone's life, to help them live their lives as independently as they can, the feeling of purpose.

"So yes I may wipe asses, but that is not all I do. I am proud to be a carer and to work in this industry.

"So next time you think that that is all a being a care worker means please think again.

"No I do not save lives, but I sure as hell make them easier for someone to live. To all you carers out there, I salute you.

"They may not remember my name but they will remember what difference I made to their lives and I will go to my grave knowing I did a job that helped others."

Featured Image Credit: SWNS

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