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Gemma Collins Suffers Yet Another Fall During Dancing On Ice Rehearsal

Looks like Gemma Collins isn't having any better luck with staying upright on the ol' ice skates, with Dancing on Ice tweeting to say the TOWIE star had taken another tumble.


Sharing video footage from one of her rehearsals with dancing partner Matt Evers, the show tweeted: "REHEARSAL CAM: @missgemcollins and @TheMattEversdefinitely won't be giving up any time soon. They're survivors after all... #DancingOnIce."

Not only did Collins fall down while trying to complete a spin, she also took Evers down with him - both collapsing into a pile of laughter.

In fact, the two were laughing so hard, they couldn't even get back up again.

While some Twitter users were left wondering how the hell Collins is still in the competition, others praised her for seeing the funny side after what could have been a pretty nasty accident.

One wrote: "They are having a laugh and this is what I love about these 2."

Another commented: "Awww bless, still laughing... good luck later!!"


Collins, 38, hasn't exactly got the best reputation when it comes to being able to keep herself upright. Who can forget that iconic moment at BBC Radio 1's Teen Awards?

Then, of course, just a few weeks ago she had yet another hairy moment while performing on Dancing with the Stars, when she was dancing to Celine Dion's 'It's All Coming Back To Me Now' with Evers.

Collins took a pretty dramatic nosedive, before sliding across the ice towards the edge of the rink.

Not all fans thought everything was as it seemed, with some leaping to Twitter to say the fall was actually 'fake'.

One person wrote: "Was Gemma Collins fall a fake dive to make her seem funnier and iconic? I think so."

Someone else tweeted: "Watch it back.... looks like a totally fake fall #gemmacollins #DancingOnIce #sympathyvote."

A third said her fall was 'more fake than her personality', adding: "She didn't try to balance herself, didn't wobble one bit, just straight down!"

Gemma Collins soothing her knee with ice. Credit: Instagram/James Argent
Gemma Collins soothing her knee with ice. Credit: Instagram/James Argent

But the star's boyfriend, James 'Arg' Agent, since took taken to Instagram with evidence of the injuries Collins supposedly suffered, telling followers she was in a 'bad way' and that he first thought the fall could've knocked her teeth out.

He said: "Gemma's leg is terrible, look. Her knees are in a bad, bad, way. There's bruising there. This one isn't so bad, I'm worried about."

Following the incident, Arg took Gemma to a curry house, where she was photographed soothing her knee with a bag of ice.

Fake or not, face-planting the ice can't have been particularly pleasant... Especially when you've done it twice in just a matter of weeks.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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