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Twitter Isn't Happy With Paul Hollywood's Savage Unglazed Fruit Comments

It all began when Ruby revealed she wouldn't be freezing her raspberries. "Just to pre-warn you," Paul warned. "The judging is going to be quite brutal."

Rahul felt Paul's wrath arguably the hardest, as the GBBO judge took issue with the fact that the baker hadn't 'bothered' to glaze his fruit on his showstopper.


"You can't put that in a shop window, it's not finished," Paul said to Rahul of his French tartlet. "To glaze them at the end of this would have taken you a minute, if that. If that! And after five hours, you couldn't do it."

The lack of glazed fruit on Rahul's tart almost meant Paul didn't even bother trying the delicious bake, with Rahul convinced he would be hanging up his apron and leaving the tent next.

Thankfully, Rahul narrowly managed to avoid the boot, but Twitter still took issue with the judge's 'savage' remarks about the unglazed fruit.

"F*cking hell Paul, chill out. Its unglazed fruit, nobody took a sh*t on the tart," announced one person on Twitter.

And another viewer hit out: "Who knew unglazed fruit is such a crime against humanity?! #GBBO [sic]."


"Who knew unglazed fruit could cause such outrage #GBBO," mocked somebody else watching the Channel 4 show.

While a fourth chimed in: "Flipping 'eck never knew unglazed fruit could be so offensive Clearly Paul is just angry this episode because his ridiculous tan has started to wear off."

Rahul's technical bake wasn't safe from Paul's brutal honesty either, as the judge couldn't deal with the 'rubbery' chocolate cake, turning his nose up in disgust.

Paul also reckoned the flavours of Rahul's eclairs were 'really boring' and his mille-feuille looked 'hideous'.

But it was Briony's chocolate cake, which Paul compared to a pair of 'incontinence pants', that sent the baker home at the end of the episode.

Star baker Ruby, Kim-Joy and Rahul all survived another week, and we're guessing that Paul won't have toned down his criticisms by next episode either.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4/GBBO

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