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'The Walking Dead' Series 10 Finally Has A Release Date

It's confirmed: hit AMC show, The Walking Dead, is back for a 10th season - and it's hitting screens this October.

The news was announced on AMC's official Twitter account yesterday (Monday, 4th February) via a pretty terrifying video allowing the newest characters dubbed: 'The Whisperers' to make the reveal to fans.


The video was captioned: "Listen closely. #TWD."

And, rather than the rest of the gang, who will be returning for season 10 without Rick Grimes (who is presumed dead), it was The Whisperers who fans had the biggest reaction to.

Credit: AMC
Credit: AMC

Taking to Twitter to express their excitement, many hardcore fans had reactions.

One typed: "YAAAAS"

While another added: "I'm glad season 10 has officially been confirmed."


A third wrote: "Awesome news."

Others were less enthused by the creepy new characters and struggled to understand what they said and, consequently, what the video meant: "Sorry, I'm hard of hearing, can someone reply with what was said, can't hear it!"

The creepy new characters made their first appearance in the mid-season finale of season nine, when Jesus (played by Tom Payne) was stabbed to death by a walker-come-to-life.

The second half of series nine is set to air next week and shows the group struggle as they come to terms with their new enemy, The Whisperers.

The Whisperers try to survive by disguising themselves as walkers and using herds of the undead to target other camps of survivors - like the Alexandrians.

In a trailer released last week, leader of The Whisperers, Alpha (played by Samantha Morton), orders the group to kill Michonne, Daryl and the rest of the Alexandrians shouting: "Your people crossed into our land. Your people killed our people. There will be conflict! I am Alpha."

The Alexandrians won't go down without a fight as teasers released yesterday show Daryl and Michonne shooting arrows as a group of walkers, mixed with Whisperers, approach them.

Daryl (played by Norman Reedus) is shocked when a walker apparently falls to the floor in pain when shot. Then another of the Whisperers begins to launch at Michonne with a knife. But Michonne lunges at him, sword in had, cutting his arm off and stabbing him in the chest.

The Walking Dead is set to return for the second half of season nine on 10th February on AMC. Season ten drops in October.

Featured Image Credit: AMC

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