Louis Theroux Is Making A New Documentary About Sex And Consent

Just when we though we couldn't love Louis Theroux anymore he hits us with a new BBC documentary, which is addressing a subject that we all need to talk about more: sexual assault and consent.

The US-based, British expat's one-off BBC Two special is called The Night in Question and explores the ongoing consent debate at American universities.Louis Theroux
Louis Theroux

The controversy Louis is looking into comes from strict guidelines put in place by America's top universities over the last few years to prevent students from being assaulted. It might sound like a catch-all solution, but there are concerns that some people have been penalised for infractions that aren't severe enough to be considered a criminal offence.

Louis, never one to shy away from controversy, will speak to alleged perpetrators who feel their reputations have been smeared by allegations sprung from overreactions.

On the flip side Louis will speak with survivors of sexual assault for the documentary who believe these guidelines are necessary in a campus environment and long overdue.

Louis Theroux
Louis Theroux

He also speaks to university officials whose job it is to sift through these allegations of assault that are made by students and make judgments on whether offences rise to the level of expulsion. A line which, at best, is blurry.

Viewer-favourite, Louis, was last seen on BBC Two at the end of 2018 exploring themes of life and death in Altered States, in which he examined the often-debated themes of adoption, polyamory and euthanasia in the US.

Louis Theroux
Louis Theroux

Louis recently suggested his noughties series When Louis Met..., could be making a comeback. It's perhaps best known for his bizarre interview with Jimmy Savile, in which he asked questions about abuse allegations years before they were made public

.Credit: Twitter/Louis Theroux
Credit: Twitter/Louis Theroux

He teased: "I'm more interested in stories about people who maybe are not riding as high as they once were - maybe Nigel Farage or Julian Assange. Farage seems to be more in the wings, more in the margins."

The Night in Question doesn't yet have a premiere date on BBC Two.

Featured Image Credit: BBC One

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