'Line Of Duty' Fans Think Simple Typo Points To Identity Of 'H'

Line of Duty fans think they've spotted a 'blunder' which points to the identity of corrupt copper 'H'.

During episode three of series five which aired last night (Sunday, 14th April), viewers were shown an email chain between undercover gang boss John Corbett, leader of the Balaclava Men, and 'H'.

But while the crooked cop's identity wasn't revealed by his email address, fans believe a typo within the exchange could be a huge clue in helping them work out who 'H' really is.

The unknown cop wrote: "Eastfield depot is definately high risk," misspelling the word 'definitely'.

And given the immense detail that goes into the writing of Jed Mercurio's police drama, fans don't think this typo was a blunder on the show's behalf at all.

Instead, they believe the simple error means that head of AC-12 Ted Hastings (Adrian Dunbar), who many suspected to be the corrupt cop, can't possibly be 'H' after all.

One person guessed: "I thought 'definately' in the email trail was a clue. Hastings is so obviously educated it couldn't be him."

Somebody else echoed: "I knew Hastings wouldn't spell it 'definately'."

While the jury's out over whether the spelling mistake rules out Ted, hordes of fans were certain the typo would later be the comeuppance of 'H'.

"I'll bet my House that Hastings will spell definently as definately and thats how Corbett is going to prove Hastings is H the Bent B*st*rd," tweeted one.

While another echoed: "Currently rewatching all seasons of #lineofduty and see who spells 'definately' - H should have used spell check. Hastings definitely would have spelt it correctly to the letter."

Here's hoping series five finally reveals the identity of 'H' because we're not sure we can take anymore mystery.

Featured Image Credit: BBC One

Rachel Andrews

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