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‘Blue Planet Live’ Viewers Traumatised By Seagull Snatching Baby Turtle

As any Blue Planet fan knows, watching the animal kingdom can be an emotional rollercoaster, and last night's episode of Blue Planet Live definitely proved that when a baby turtle was snatched by a swooping seagull.

The shock moment of the episode was filmed in Heron Island in Australia, and showed presenter Liz Bonnin releasing some adorable turtle babies into the sea.


Talking of the green sea turtle species, Liz said: "We've watched them come up to the sands of Heron to nest and we've also had the great privilege of watching precious new lives, little hatchings emerging from nests and making it in the big blue."

Liz was accompanied by conservationist Liz Ferguson, who had with her a number of tiny turtles that they planned to release onto the beach.

After releasing the little hatchlings onto the beach, Liz said: "They have no mothers to watch over them. They're left to their own devices here, to the elements, to the predators that await them, and also to the ever-increasing manmade threats.

"They are embarking on epic migrations many thousands of miles long. They are the gardeners of our ocean; they are so incredibly important for the health of our oceans. These hatchlings are going to spend at least a hundred years in our oceans if all goes well.

"Surely it's our responsibility to safeguard their future. Scientists cannot do this alone. This is our blue planet to fiercely protect through our actions and through making our voices heard."

However, as Liz was talking, a hungry seagull appeared to swoop in unexpectedly, snatching one of the cute hatchlings as it went.


The camera angle swiftly changed to avoid the moment being documented up close, but viewers noticed and soon took to Twitter to discuss how brutal mother nature can be.

One said he was "fuming", while another wrote: "#LineOfDuty is always top drawer but @jed_mercurio is going to have to come up with something special to beat the drama of the seagull and the baby turtle from #BluePlanetLive."

However, another viewer said that the turtle snatching was not the right moment to be shocked by, tweeting: "Ludicrous that this is the overwhelming headline in the media after last night's #BluePlanetLive as opposed to the incredible science and stark warning message for our bleak future if we don't change now."

Blue Planet Live is shown on Sundays at 8pm on BBC One.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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