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All The Signs Alice Morgan Will Star In ‘Luther’ Series Six Or The Film

This article contains spoilers for Luther season five.

Luther season five came full circle with a dramatic ending which saw DCI John Luther (Idris Elba) being led away by armed police and Alice Morgan (Ruth Wilson) presumed dead... again.


Alice and Luther appeared to have a final showdown after the serial killer shot him. She then slashed the police officer's wrist causing her to drop two stories onto a concrete floor as he tried to pull her back to safety.

Fans are already begging the Beeb to bring back the crime drama for a sixth season and the rumour mill is in overdrive surrounding a potential Luther film, but could lovable villain Alice make a comeback from the dead for either?

Here's all the signs Alice could return:

Ruth previously revealed that there has already been talks over a potential spin-off series for the cold-blooded killer - and it's something that she would be up for.

During a recent interview ahead of season five airing, the actress behind the twisted research scientist explained that she was ready to sign up - as long as the plot and script were on point.

Speaking to The Sun, she said: "We've talked about it actually. Yes, ­definitely, if the script is right and the storyline is right.


"It's funny. People like ­watching her because she comes in and out. If you watched a whole ­episode of her, would it be the same? I don't know."

TV star Ruth reiterated: "I'm interested - if the script is right, yes."

Credit: BBC One
Credit: BBC One

Whether these 'talks' happened before producers decided to kill off Alice (or not) isn't clear, although it does open a potential return for the character.

However, there's no word on when this potential spin-off could be set, and could be way before she even met DCI Luther.

While details on Alice's own series are thin on the ground - that's if it's even happening - viewers claim to have found more evidence the serial killer made it out alive at the end of the episode.

As Luther was dragged away by armed police to meet his comeuppance, fans watching at home noticed that one of the officers stood out from the rest.

One in particular just to the right of Luther seemed to be missing their helmet and goggles, and was wearing an entirely different balaclava to the rest.

Take a look here:

Fans have been theorising that this odd-one-out officer could be Alice, meaning she may have staged her own death once again paving a comeback in another series or film.

It's also worth pointing out that Alice managed to fool everyone into thinking she was dead once before.

She appeared to be killed by another female killer, Megan Cantor (Laura Haddock) at the start of season four with little explanation how she managed it in the most recent series.

Love or loath her, there's definitely a chance Alice could still be alive. Wotcher.

Featured Image Credit: BBC One

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