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This Transformed Double Decker Bus With A Hot Tub Is Incredible

I don't know about you, but I've never really thought 'OMG, to travel and live on a double decker bus is at the top of my bucket list.' Generally, they hold the stigma of smelliness and long hours of waiting in traffic... until now.

This couple have transformed a double decker bus into a luxury B&B with a flat screen TV, a private garden and a hot tub. Yup, a hot tub. According to Metro, Philip Moiser, 54, and his wife Susan, 53, bought the vintage 1960s Routemaster bus for £5,000 and spent £100,000 turning it into the accommodation of their dreams.


Trafalgar Square, which is the name of the bus, now sits on the grounds of the couple's hotel South Causey Inn, near Beamish, County Durham. The couple hired an interior designer to convert the vehicle from a method of public transport to a place where guests can stay for up to £250 per night. Equipped with WiFi, and everything.

While the £250 price tag might seem a lot to sleep on a bus (something we've all probably done for free after a night out...) the newly decorated suite has, according to The Huffington Post, a red velvet decorated bedroom with a double bed, a roll-top bath and a small seating area. Guests are also provided with fluffy dressing gowns and Egyptian cotton sheets.

The couple decided to keep some of the original features of the bus, including a few seats, stop signs and the steering wheel to give it an authentic feel.


Mrs Moiser says:

The bus, which is often used for wedding parties and special nights away, can fit two adults... We serve champagne when requested, they can order room service, afternoon tea or breakfast in bed.

The transformation from a traditional bus to has defo made us want to stay in this unique accommodation!

Written by Eve MacDonald

Feature Image Credit: Twitter

Topics: Entertainment, design, Entertaining, Life, travel, Cool, Transformation

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