Jack Fincham And Dani Dyer Finally Address Split In 'Life After Love Island'

Jack Fincham and Dani Dyer addressed their temporary break-up during Wednesday night's finale of Life After Love Island.

The couple grabbed all the headlines last month when Dani took to Instagram to announce their relationship wasn't meant to last in the long term, before deleting the post just hours later.

But, it looks like Jack and Dani are firmly back on track after a roller coaster couple of months and now they've finally discussed exactly what happened.

"I'd rather just be honest and say I f**ked up. Can I just do that, please? I'm just going to say I f**ked up. I mean, it was a really horrible thing because I thought we was done and we were over and there was no going back," she said.

Credit: ITV
Credit: ITV

"I didn't realise how much it would affect you, Jack, I genuinely didn't. Obviously, I thought we was over. You have to put things out. It's not like he didn't know, he knew we were over at that point. It was horrible, I don't want to upset anyone, it makes me sad."

Clearly still anxious at the thought of how the events unfolded, Jack said: "I was in the pub actually, with my mates. Everyone started staring at me with their mouths open. I looked and you had put that thing up and I just thought 'F*cking hell' and because everyone was saying it to me I thought it must be real.

"So, the fact that I thought that it was real made me realise actually I don't ever want to split up with you."

Credit: ITV
Credit: ITV

"Oh, Jack. I didn't really realise how big it would be," she replied. "I just feel like we're still really normal people. We are stubborn, we're very hot-headed, we say things we don't mean. Yeah, I did make a mistake and I got a lot of hate and a lot of negativity, so it wasn't very nice for me."

Although Jack and Dani didn't reveal what lead them to falling out in the first place, we couldn't be happier that they're back on track.

Jack & Dani: Life After Love Island is available to stream on ITV Hub now.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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