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Bradley Walsh Fans Are Swooning Over His Son Barney Walsh

The Chase host Bradley Walsh is a firm favourite among viewers, and it turns out his son, Barney Walsh, is a chip off the old block too.

Bradley and Barney appeared on This Morning on Thursday to talk about their new show, Bradley Walsh & Son: Breaking Dad, prompting fans to swoon over the father, son duo.


Fans couldn't resist taking to Twitter to comment on his attractiveness, with one writing: "Bradley Walsh's son is a dream."

Another added: "Can we take a moment... Barney Walsh is pretty HOT!"

A third asked: "Is Barney Walsh single? Would say I was asking for a friend but that would be a lie #BreakingDad."


"Barney Walsh is a bit of alright ain't he! #BreakingDad," a fourth tweeted.

The 22-year-old appeared alongside his dad to promote their new TV show which sees the father and son take an RV across the USA and take part in some dangerous challenges.

Explaining where the idea behind the show came from, Barney said: "Basically I've been doing a lot of travelling this year making charity documentaries. The TV company said 'we'd love to see you do something with you dad'.

"Dad works so hard, doing The Chase and Dr Who, when he does get time off he just sits there watching telly."

Credit: ITV
Credit: ITV

However, Bradley admitted he had no idea what he was taking on when he agreed to do the programme.

He explained: "I said 'look here's the deal I'll go on a road trip with you providing you have this. I had a full list, a rider. Hobnobs, Digestives, British tea.

"I seriously had no idea. I thought they'd get a hire car. Someone would drive RV for 2,000 miles."

The first of four episodes of Bradley Walsh & Son: Breaking Dad aired on ITV last night.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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