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Woman Uses Dishwasher Tablet To Clean Burnt Pan And It's Pure Genius

A woman has shared a clever tip on Facebook on how to clean up burnt pans with ease - and it hardly requires any elbow grease.

Burning your food in the pan doesn't only leave you with a charred dinner, but often also leaves behind a nasty residue in your pot that's super hard to remove.

But by using just a dishwasher tablet, this woman was able to restore her scorched pan back to its former glory.


It's ultra simple too - pop a single dishwasher tablet inside the pot, covering it with cold water. Wait overnight, and rinse away in the morning.

Credit: Facebook/Mums Who Clean
Credit: Facebook/Mums Who Clean

"Burnt oil while cooking, wasn't able to scrub off with jiff or gumption. Dropped a dishwashing tablet overnight with about two centimetres of water," Facebook user En Bar explained on Facebook group Mums Who Clean, alongside a picture of the dirty pot.

And sharing the impressive results, she added: "This morning I just emptied and literally wiped away with absolutely no force and it's as good as new."

She also told Pretty52: "I didn't want to have to buy another pot really and how many of us just throw out a burnt pot.

"Most of us couldn't be bothered spending hours scrubbing and would take the easier option of tossing and replacing.


"This easy hack will not only save you time and energy but unnecessary landfill.

"It's a fantastic hack to alert everyone to."

Other Facebook users were equally as impressed by the tablet hack, with one writing: "Usually that's almost impossible to remove from a pot... thanks for the heads up."

Dishwasher tablets aren't just limited to cleaning pots and pans either. Earlier this month, another Facebook user explained how she'd managed to clean off all the grease and grime from her oven using two ingredients.

Credit: Supplied
Credit: Supplied

"I had cleaned my oven only once in 9 years! Joined this group about a week ago and look what happened," she wrote, sharing pictures of her results.

"I used bi carb and vinegar and a nylon scouring pad in side the oven and the door and the racks I soak in the bath tub with dishwasher tablet wrapped in foil."

Featured Image Credit: Supplied

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