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Parents Claim Glow Dreaming Lamp Sends Babies To Sleep In 10 Minutes

All parents know the nightmare that can be trying to get a child to sleep so understandably when one finds something that does the trick, they want to tell people far and wide.

First it happened with Lush's Sleepy lotion and now parents can't get enough of Glow Dreaming's 'miracle' lamp.

The highly praised lamp is made in Melbourne and combines light therapy and aromatherapy to emit a soothing glow, along with a humidifier that releases relaxing scents while also emitting pink noise.


A mum called Cara created the product after her daughter became frightened of sleep for fear that she would never wake up.

Along with the help of Dr Stephane Pigeon and a hell of a lot of researching, Cara found a way to use sound, light and scent to help both babies and adults get to sleep peacefully.

The Glow Dreaming system is said to use the same technology that NASA uses for its astronauts, which is a red spectrum light designed to stimulate the body's production of melatonin, telling the body it's time for sleep.

Credit: Instagram/Glow Dreaming
Credit: Instagram/Glow Dreaming

Sounds made up of frequencies found in waterfalls, rain and thunder create the pink noise which is emitted into the background, while ultrasonic waves diffuse essential oils into the air to make for a peaceful night's sleep.


Users needn't worry about the device staying on all night either, as it's fitted with a timer to ensure it turns off after a certain amount of time.

Parents have left 'glowing' reviews about the product on Facebook, with some even branding it as a miracle.

Credit: Instagram/Glow Dreaming
Credit: Instagram/Glow Dreaming

One wrote: "So Max has never had a solid block of sleep his whole 19 months of life, waking every night at least 4 to 6 times.

"But last night - after a week of using our new Glow Dreaming sleep aid, he slept from 10.30pm to 4am... 6.5 hours!! Then another sleep until 8.30am. YAAASSSS. Let's hope this continues!!"

Impressive stuff.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Glow Dreaming/Pexels

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