This Duvet Will Put All Arguments About The Temperature In Your Bedroom To Bed

If you're in a constant war with your partner over the ideal temperature in your bedroom, then this his 'n' hers duvet could finally put the arguments to bed.

The quilt can be set to different temperatures on each side by using an app on your phone, meaning one of you can have it cool while the other person's side is warm making everyone happy.

If you like to be snug as a bug in your bed, then the Smart Duvet distributes hot air on your side, using openings in the duvet to get rid of humidity.

Credit: Smart Duvet
Credit: Smart Duvet

As per the description: "To achieve a warm and dry feeling on warm mode the Smartduvet uses heated air sent from the control box and distributed evenly throughout your selected side of the bed. The openings in the Smartduvet layer help eliminate the humidity and keep you dry and warm all night."

The duvet then uses an evaporating cooling system to encourage water to escape the body, which reduces your body temperature if you like to keep things cool.

Smart Duvet explains best: "As water escapes our skin through evaporation our body becomes physically cooler since this air vapour brings heat with it when it leaves the body.

Credit: Smart Duvet
Credit: Smart Duvet

"By raising air circulation under your duvet, Smartduvet increases the body's natural evaporation process creating a real cooling effect on the body without using a noisy compressor or any greenhouse gases."

That's not it either, as the duvet can even make itself. You can programme it to 'straighten out' by using inflated tubes inside.

While it might not sound comfortable, these tubes are made from lightweight and breathable materials, sitting in between the duvet and duvet cover.

Credit: Smart Duvet
Credit: Smart Duvet

These incredible, argument-settling duvets come courtesy of Canadian designer Tina Cayouette but you can still get your hands on them here in the UK.

Doubles are priced at £235 and singles are priced at £219 each.

While this might sound expensive at first mention, a decent down-filled duvet can cost the best part of £100.

And, can you really put a price on finally ending the argument of all arguments?

Featured Image Credit: Unsplash

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