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I Said 'Yes' To Everything For A Week And Here's What I Learned

I Said 'Yes' To Everything For A Week And Here's What I Learned

I'm back this week with another social experiment, but this time it's slightly different. I've absolutely loved having others choosing my outfit for me, but this time I wanted to see whether one of my lifestyle choices could really impact my life. And let me tell you, saying 'yes' to everything really does.


Here's me saying 'yes' to a glass of wine (a really hard decision, as you can see...)

Now, I know that sounds easy (of course it's going to change day-to-day things), but I mean I really learned some things about myself. It isn't just a case of saying 'yes' to a cup of coffee or a night out with your friends, but it was about the consequences and actions that followed after me saying 'yes' to everything...

I'm obsessed with the NBC TV show This Is Us right now, and there's a quote in it that goes like:

There's no lemon so sour that you can't make something resembling lemonade.

Image Credit: Etsy

Of course, I wasn't going to agree to anything dangerous or something that affected me too much financially, but the quote really got me thinking during my experiment. Without sounding too cheesy, life is all about the choices we make and how they shape us as a person. It's up to us to create a life that excites us, and saying 'yes' to (almost!) everything this week really opened up my eyes.

The experiment made me assess the situation and work out how I was going to handle it.

Would a week of saying 'yes' leave me frazzled, or give me more opportunities? Here's what I learned:

I Became More Positive

While I hate saying 'no' to things, sometimes I love when plans get cancelled. Yes, that might make me a twenty-something grandma, but after a long week I love nothing more than a glass of wine in my PJs.

When it gets to Friday night, I'm usually ready to turn off my 'work/uni' mode and chill, but this weekend was slightly different.

I had said 'yes' to a meta-fit class and, because of the rules, I had to go. As much as I was dreading it (and constantly thinking of that glass of wine and PJs at home), I felt so much better for doing it. It gave me that boost of energy, and set me up for feeling motivated for the remainder of the weekend.

It Was Exciting

I was pushing boundaries that I wouldn't normally do in a typical week, and found myself being a lot more sociable. I was agreeing to more nights out and meet ups with friends, and even though it was hard to keep up with everything, I enjoyed it.

Sometimes when life is really busy, it's hard to get a date that suits all of your friends. When one date might suit for one, it might not the other. But this week, because I had to say 'yes', it made me clear my diary and make time to go out.

Credit: Eve MacDonald

I Had To Plan Ahead And Be Organised

Which made me become even more organised.

I write so many to-do lists every week which, on the whole helped me keep track of everything I was saying 'yes' to. But it also made me realise how many hours I actually waste every week, whether that being scrolling through Instagram or watching mindless TV programmes. Because I had so much going on that week, I was, as a result, being more productive. I had to plan and schedule to make sure I could fit everything in.

Spontaneity Isn't My Strong Point

By day 4 I was beginning to feel a bit overwhelmed by how many things I had said 'yes' to. My diary was completely full, and my body was completely tired. But I don't think that was all down to the experiment, I think it's linked to how much of a control freak I am.

If anything, saying 'yes' has taught me to take more risks and to stop over analysing everything. A lot of the time, when I gave the dreaded answer, I had to right there and then, do the task asked of me. It caused me to think on the stop and act accordingly. Which, in all honesty, was a good thing because with spontaneity comes excitement.

Credit: Etsy

I Felt In Control (Surprisingly)

Often when we say 'no' to opportunities, we miss out on exciting plans and 'what if's.' It might be that we let our fear hold us back from saying 'yes', or it could be that we think we already have too much going on. Even though I was instructed to say 'yes' to everything, I didn't feel pressured in having to make the decision. I would analyse the situation, and sort out how it was going to work for me.

Although, I was beginning to miss saying 'no' in coffee shops and restaurants. There's only so many times a girl can say 'yes' to upgrading to a large.

What I Learned

When my editor first pitched this idea to me, I thought 'no problem.' I'm pretty much the Queen of saying 'no problem' and 'of course, I can do that for you.' I'm a total people pleaser and absolutely hate letting people down.


Ever since I was younger, I'll admit I've been a total perfectionist with 483932893 to-do lists every week and making sure I didn't half-ass anything. And, on the whole, that means making the most of every opportunity given to me and working hard.

I thought this week would be a total breeze. But it turns out my go-get it, people pleasing attitude meant I wasn't exactly 'yes' to everything but rather agreeing so I didn't let anyone down, or offend them.

So, I learned that while saying 'yes' to everything brings you so many opportunities, it's important to take time out for yourself too. Throughout the week, I had really missed having time to myself.

It's exciting to push yourself out of your comfort zone, but also find time to do more of the things you love.

Could you say yes to everything? Sound off in the comments below!

Written by Eve MacDonald

Featured Image Credit: Eve MacDonald

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