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Another Parent Is Complaining About LUSH's Shower Gel Instructions And It's Ridiculous

Another Parent Is Complaining About LUSH's Shower Gel Instructions And It's Ridiculous

If there's one story that's really got my back up this week it has to be this ridiculous nonsense about a pair of grandparents who were scandalised by the instructions on the back of LUSH shower gel.

It seems that they aren't the only ones who have been 'offended' by the 'smutty' message. Mum-of-three Lesley Hughes managed to make the headlines yesterday when she complained about the same issue.


For those who aren't already aware, bottles of LUSH shower gel all have the words "If you really don't know how, then we suggest you find someone you really like and invite them into the shower with you to demonstrate."

Credit: LUSH

Lesley bought the product for her 12-year-old daughter as a Christmas present and simply couldn't cope. Speaking to the Mirror, Lesley launched into a furious rant about the little joke:

I was shocked. This product is clearly aimed at young girls, it is pink and glittery. It's dangerous - people could use it to persuade kids to do things they should not be doing.

A lot of people have told me to get a life and said it doesn't mean sex, but for them to even say that it is clearly the first thing that they thought, which shows that's exactly what it means.
Jennifer is not an idiot, she knows what's going on in the world, and we are not prudes and do not keep things from her, but at her age she knows what she needs to know.
I don't understand why it is on there - you would expect it with something from Ann Summers. I just want Lush to change the label. It definitely will be causing a lot of awkward questions for parents up and down the country.

Well, you know what Lesley, get a bloody grip.

An instruction on a bottle of LUSH shower gel is not going to encourage your daughter to invite a paedophile into the shower with her. It is not going to turn her into a rabid sex-obsessed harlot. It is not going to make her ask any uncomfortable questions until you make an issue of it.

Lesley claims that all she wants is for LUSH to change the label, but why should they? Why should a huge, multi-national corporation have to lose their charming, personable jokey nature just because a handful of people can't deal with it?

How about doing actual parenting instead of asking the world to do it for you? Why should the whole world have to adapt and molly-coddle your kids just because you feel a bit uncomfortable about laughing off a joke that, in all likelihood, they wouldn't even notice if you didn't made such a fuss over it?

We're constantly hearing about parents complaining about their children being 'sexualised' but you can't wrap them in cotton wool and blind them to the realities of the world.

Sex is everywhere. In films, in magazines, in books, on clothes, splashed across billboards, in the music we listen to, and let's not even get started on the internet. Sex is a part of life, it isn't something to be afraid of, it isn't something for you to panic about. It's just sort-of... there. And for most of us, that's not a problem - as long we're aware of staying safe, consent and using our brains.

If you want to protect the innocence of your kids then you're fighting a losing battle. Giving a kid an iPad, or a mobile phone, or even a damn dictionary (that's how I first heard about sex) gives them the opportunity to learn about sex and start asking questions that you find uncomfortable.

But look, if you want to screen everything your kids see or do then go ahead. If you want to sit through every film, listen to every piece of music, censor every word they ever read until they're 18 then fine, whatever, that's your prerogative. It's not going to do them any good, but if it makes you feel better you can waste your time doing that. But for the love of god, stop asking the rest of the world to do all that on your behalf. Your kids, your responsibility. Stop trying to make it everyone else's job to raise your kids the way you want them to be raised and just do it yourself.

Featured Image Credit: NBC/LUSH

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