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12 Tips To Help Make Your Hay Fever A Little More Manageable

12 Tips To Help Make Your Hay Fever A Little More Manageable

I don't know about anyone else, but I feel like it's just in this past week that the pollen has really stepped up its game- the game being to make my eyes, nose, and life feel as terrible as possible. Bloody pollen.

Anyway, I know that for me this is just the beginning and I have plenty of 'fun' summer days locked away in my bedroom to look forward to, all doors and windows sealed. At this point, I'd do anything for a bit of relief.


So, I've scoured the internet on the hunt for a couple of ideas to help you manage your own hay fever symptoms.

Unfortunately, there's no miracle cure, but there are some things that you can do to be a little bit safer when it comes to keeping pollen and symptoms at bay, while also keeping yourself a little happier and healthier.

1. Hang your laundry indoors or use a tumble dryer. - It may seem like common sense but a lot of us don't even think about it when we do the washing. With all the pollen flying around outside, it can easily get stuck to your clothes if you leave them outside, and then you're constantly covered in the stuff all day.


2. Shut your windows, especially at night and first thing in the morning. - Warm, sweaty nights are standard during the summer period, but there generally tends to be more pollen floating about in the evenings and in the mornings. That's because as the day cools down, all the pollen that has risen into the atmosphere on the warm air starts to fall, and then the plants tend to fire out the stuff more in the mornings. Invest in a good fan and keep your windows shut!


3. Shower before bed and when you get home from a day out. - A nice shower can help to wash off any excess pollen that's clinging to you by the end of the day, which should help you wake up feeling a little less bad. Ideally, you should shower every time you get back from going out, but that can be both expensive and time consuming, so try filling a sink with cool water and dunking your face into it for as long as you can hold your breath.

4. Try not to touch your pets too much. - We love our pooches and kitties, but animals don't exactly know much about hay fever. They go frolicking through all the plants and grass and get themselves covered in pollen. When you touch them, that pollen transfers onto your hands and we all know how that ends.

5. Invest in a decent ioniser. - Ionisers are a lifesaver to hayfever sufferers and you can get them relatively cheaply. Some modern fans even have ionisers built in so you can stay cool even if your windows are firmly locked up tight. They work by de-ionising airborne particles like pollen. The pollen then tries to reionise itself by sticking to walls and ceilings.

6. Put spoons over your eyes when you wake up. - Stick a pair of teaspoons in the fridge every night. When you wake up and feel all puffy, place the spoons over your eyes to relieve the sensation a little. Sure, it'll look ridiculous, but what hay fever remedy doesn't look ridiculous these days?

7. Pop some petroleum jelly in your nostrils. - The pollen will get stuck to it, preventing it from getting deeper into your nasal cavity!

8. Check the flipping pollen count before you leave the house. - Most good weather reporting apps and services will also tell you how high the pollen count is on any given day. If it's particularly high, you'll be fine to take an extra hay fever pill. Just don't go overboard!

9. Take your hayfever tablets daily. - Anti-histamine tablets might seem pretty ineffective and useless at times but they're the best we've got and it's important to remember to keep taking them. It takes around twenty-four hours for the anti-histamines to be absorbed by the body so you'll only start feeling the benefits the following day! If you want to be protected every day, then take them every day. Don't just wait for your symptoms to get bad before taking one!

10. Wear glasses and sunglasses whenever you're outdoors. - You might look a little ridiculous wearing sunglasses on rainy days or in the evenings, but they'll help keep the pollen out of your eyes which is always a bonus, right?

11. Stay hydrated. - If you've got a runny nose, you'll be losing a lot of water in the form of mucus so make sure you replace it by drinking plenty!

12. Avoid coffee and alcohol. - Coffee, beer, cider, and wine are all thought to contain chemicals called 'vasoactive amines', and can you guess which one of those is most famous? That's right, our old pal histomine- exactly the stuff most of us hope to get rid of by taking anti-histamine tablets all summer long! If you want your tablets to work, stop with the coffee and alcohol!

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