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Lambrini Just Launched A Brand New £3.25 Parma Violet Drink

Lambrini  Just Launched A Brand New £3.25 Parma Violet Drink

Calling all Lambrini fans: the brand has just launched a brand new flavour, and it will bring serious throwback vibes to your next pre-drinks.

Lambrini Parma Violet costs just £3.25 from Morrisons, and is billed as giving a "nod to the 90s with a favourite old school flavour."

Credit: Lambrini
Credit: Lambrini

The brand said of the product: "Born in 1994, Lambrini will be celebrating its 25th birthday this year, so what better time to indulge in a nostalgic bev? It's perfect for your squared to enjoy whether you're planning a night in or getting ready to hit the town."

The drink comes in a pretty violet bottle bearing the Lambrini brand with flowers and sparkles, and says "lightly sparkling fruit wine" on the front.

The news was a hit with fans of the fruity perry, who took to Twitter to call the drink an "absolute game changer".


One fan wrote: "Parma violet lambrini. Wot a time to be aliiiiveeee" [sic], while another admitted "can't stop thinking about parma violet lambrini".

There have been loads of parma violet flavoured launches in the last few months, showing the flavour is seriously in vogue. Tesco have recently launched parma violet-flavoured cider, which costs just £2 for an individual bottle or £5.25 for three.

Just a few months ago, Brothers Cider released a parma violet flavour of its English cider, which combines the flavour of sweet violets with floral notes and traditional Somerset apples into one tasty drink.

Aldi also launched bottles of glittery purple parma violet flavoured gin, which costs just £9.99 for a delightfully sparkly and tasty bottle of "shimmer infused gin liqueur". Then let's not forget about B&M's parma violet gin, which contains a blend of eight botanicals, including juniper, angelica root, coriander and liquorice together with a burst of violet flavour.

We know what we'll be drinking this Saturday night...

Lambrini Parma Violet is available exclusively in Morrisons and costs £3.25.

Featured Image Credit: Credit: Swizzels/Lambrini

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