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Aldi Has Launched Dairy Free Ice Cream And It Sounds Like Heaven

Aldi Has Launched Dairy Free Ice Cream And It Sounds Like Heaven

Plenty of brands have quickly come to realise that a dairy free diet isn't just a fad, and has become a popular lifestyle choice. Obviously the reasons behind a vegan or dairy free diet vary, but there's loads of tasty AF items now available.

You better grab a spoon because Aldi has released a line of dairy free ice cream in time for World Vegan Day and there's all sorts of different flavours to try. Yum.


There's coconut cream iced dessert, as well as a chocolate version of the delicious treat too. As you probably already guessed, the tubs of heaven are made from coconut cream, making them both vegan and dairy free.

Added bonus, they are also gluten free too. It's also a bargain at just £1.99!


The release sent Twitter into a frenzy, with shoppers going wild for the cold dessert.

"Omg aldi do vegan coconut ice cream when i thought i couldnt love a shop anymore [sic]," exclaimed one Aldi fan.

Another added: "Lemme just tell everyone that Aldi has a vegan ice cream made outta coconut for under £2."

"Aldi's vegan ice cream is actually the best thing ever," praised a third.

A final posted: "The Aldi coconut cream chocolate iced dessert is the best vegan alternative to ice cream I've found."

Seeing as it's World Vegan Day, we might as well make ourselves hungry with all the other dairy free treats on offer.

Baileys has just launched a dairy free and gluten free version of their famed Irish cream liqueur, which is made from almond milk.

While it's been on offer in the states for a few months now, the brand is set to roll out the bottles in Whole Food stores. There will be a nationwide launch later in the year, and seeing as it's nearly November, I'm sure that'll be very soon.

You probably already guessed, but Baileys Almande is actually made out of almond milk, and it also contains almond essence, cane sugar, purified water and real vanilla.

Mmmmm. Delish.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/VeganStella/Made In Chelsea/E4

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