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Matching Disney Mother And Daughter Pajama Sets Have Arrived In Primark

Matching Disney Mother And Daughter Pajama Sets Have Arrived In Primark

If you have a daughter, or know a mum with one, then we've got Christmas sorted.

Primark has brought out a matching pajama set and it's honestly the cutest thing I've ever seen.


So as you can see, there's big pajamas for the mamas, and mini ones (that literally say 'Minnie Me' on them) for your daughter.

Or son if he's into Minnie Mouse, of course.

There's also matching slippers and little booties for the kids.


As you can imagine, Disney fans are losing their collective sh*t over the new addition.

One commented: "omg! This is a must" while another added: "omg love these. Primark needs online shopping!".

The womens' PJs will set you back €14, while the kids' are €10. Annoyingly, they're only available in Ireland, France, Italy, Spain and Portugal.


However, this could mean a quick trip to Ireland...

One fan wrote: "How come they are not available in the uk? Is there a way to order if you are from the uk?"

Either way, whether it be Disney or Harry Potter or quirky home pieces, we all know that Primark is the place to be at the moment.

I mean, just look at this Disney section of Primark in France. It looks like an actual Disney store...

Anyway, Christmas is coming and Primark are being absolute Gs and sorting us out with some cheap Disney stuff for us to fill our homes with.

Everyone loves a Disney Christmas tree, right?

Well then, just look how cute these are...

That's you sorted if you want a pink/white theme.

For those of you who love Winnie the Pooh, Frozen and Beauty and the Beast, they've got you covered too.

Yes, that is rose petals inside the Beauty and the Beast one.

And then, of course, there's the classics.

The four packs (the ones with the Mickey mouse ears) are £4, and then the special baubles are £5 each.

Bargain? Yes. Will I be buying all of them? You bet your arse.

If you're loving the Primark baubles, then how about these Harry Potter ones?


These are the perfect merch for any Potter-mad fan who LOVES to plan for Christmas months in advance. What's wrong with being organised, ay?

There are lots of different designs, but some are actually quite pricey at £5 per bauble.

One of the glittery Christmas decorations features the iconic Hogwarts crest, while another is themed around the mystical 9 and 3/4 platform. I NEED both of them! They'll look so pretty hanging among all the tinsel and fairy lights.

There is also a more reasonably priced pack of four, based on each of the Hogwart's houses which costs just £4. The red Gryffindor bauble has the house Lion emblem, Hufflepuff's is yellow with a badger, Ravenclaw's is blue with an eagle, and of course, Slytherin's is green with the snake.

Yep. I'm sold.

Featured Image Credit: Primark/Disney

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