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The Place Where Most People Propose Now Might Surprise You

The Place Where Most People Propose Now Might Surprise You

Many people imagine the moment they get engaged as one filled with love, butterflies and a string quartet (just me?), but it turns out that things are pretty different.

A new study by Beaverbrooks has revealed that the modern man is ditching the traditional approach of a marriage proposal and, well, going down the more 'casual' route, let's call it. With nearly 49% of proposals happening in front of the TV ('And the winner of the X Factor is.... Eh, babe? Fancy marrying us?') it's clear to see times are a-changin'. Now, don't get us wrong, marriage is a lifelong promise, and making sure you're comfortable and happy with the person is all that matters. And maybe proposing in a familiar surrounding with your home comforts is more peaceful and calming? Or maybe it's just the romantic in me who wants the frill, the fuss, the fanciness (and a nice ring, of course!)


Credit: Unsplash

It seems like classic traditions are on the way out, and creating new ones are the way forward for our generation. The study found only a third of men go down on one knee to pop the question and the age-old practice of asking the bride's father for her hand isn't a big deal anymore as married males claiming they "didn't bother". Where is the effort guys?!

It's no wonder that British women are taking matters into their own hands and hinting like crazy to get the perfect proposal. 29% of us have ended up choosing our own ring, or called on the help of a friend to help speed up the whole thing. Dropping hints also seems to be a favourite such as casually asking, "Who would you want as your best man?", commenting on celebrities' engagement rings - and jokingly suggesting you apply for the TV show Don't Tell the Bride.

Lorna Haddon, jewellery buyer at Beaverbrooks, who also got engaged at home, says:

The stresses and strains of modern life mean we don't always have the time to be as romantic as we would perhaps like to be... Busy lives and hectic schedules mean we have fewer hours in the day for romance - however our study shows women do still want the 'picture perfect proposal' - and it's not only picking the perfect engagement ring that counts.

Credit: Pexels

And if you still don't believe us that getting engaged in-front of the TV is the most popular option, here are the top modern proposal destinations:

At home - 49%

On a day out - 7%

On holiday abroad - 6%

The local pub - 6%

On holiday in the UK - 5%

In the car - 5.5%

At a restaurant - 4.5%

In the garden - 2%

On the beach - 2%

In a Hotel - 1%

Where did your other half pop the question? Let us know!

Written by Eve MacDonald

Featured Image Credit: Pixabay

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