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Lucy Mecklenburgh Has Opened Up About Her Battle With Anxiety

Lucy Mecklenburgh Has Opened Up About Her Battle With Anxiety

Being a celebrity isn't as easy as it seems, especially when all eyes are on you.

Former TOWIE star turned fitness guru Lucy Mecklenburgh has just made another heartbreaking confession about her battle with anxiety and low self esteem during the early days of her career.


In a blog post for Huff Post, Lucy explained: "I was utterly consumed by other people's perception of me as a young female, and was at risk of letting my dreams pass me by.

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"I knew I had what it takes, but I thought it would be easier to accept other people's idea of who I am rather than accept me for who I know I am."

The reality beauty has now gone on to build her own fitness empire, Results With Lucy, after leaving the show, and has millions of followers on her social media accounts.


Lucy continued: "Every day I tell myself that 'I will stop being affected by pre-conceived conceptions and continue to be proud of who I am', this really helps me to ignore the negative and focus on the positive.

"I have learnt that the only way to be successful is to be 100% myself, not everyone will like me but that's OK, but lots of people do.

"You cannot please everyone all the time. Trying to be something you're not in any aspect of life will just result in you being miserable!"

Lucy's boyfriend and former Coronation Street actor Ryan Thomas has been publicly supportive of her latest venture 'With Self Love' project, praising the star on his Instagram. The couple first met on Celebrity Island...

The programme is aimed to tackle anxiety, and help build up someone's self confidence. Taking to his 415k Insta followers, the actor captioned his snap: "This is a confidence course I truly believe in and something I feel I had to share.

"Well done @lucymeck1 @resultswithcecilia@resultswithlucy very proud of what you guys are trying to achieve."

Ryan continued: "If this is something that you are effected by or even just something you are curious about, please click on the website to find out more, this could really make a difference to your life [sic]."

Featured Image Credit: Lucy Mecklenburgh/Instagram

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