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France Set To Ban 'Misleading' Terms To Describe Veggie Products

France Set To Ban 'Misleading' Terms To Describe Veggie Products

France has voted to ban vegetarian products marketed as 'meat substitutes', as they 'mislead' consumers with 'false claims'.


This means that terms such as soya steaks, vegetarian sausages, and chicken-style pieces will no longer be able to be used by food producers in the country if the product contains no meat.

And if they do use the terms, they could face a fine of up to €300,000 (£260,000).

This also applies to vegan and vegetarian products which are labelled as 'dairy alternatives' when it hasn't actually come from an animal.


The proposal was first put forward by a French farmer MP, Jean-Baptiste Moreau, who claimed that products which are labelled as meat substitutes are confusing for consumers. The idea was then signed off by French MPs on Thursday.

The MP tweeted: "It is important to combat false claims.

"Our products must be designated correctly: the terms of #cheese or #steak will be reserved for products of animal origin."

His argument was based on a 2017 judgement by the European court of justice, which said that food products made from tofu and soya could no longer be marketed as alternatives to milk or butter.

It is not known when these changes will come into force in France, but the move has been met with a divided response on social media.

"People will still eat them no matter what you call them. The world is waking up to the fact killing animals is wrong and you can't stop it ," opposed one person.

Somebody else mocked: "Really does anyone think a single person in France is confused by vegetarian products using the terms sausage and steak?"

"How about big vegetarian fingers? Or would that be misleading to people who eat fingers?" questioned a third.

But clearly impressed by the move, one person praised: "Congratulations France on becoming the first country to sign "oh well I can see why you'd be a vegetarian but then why do you have to eat things that are trying to be meat" into law."

"It's always bugged me that one such "food" is labelled as "Vegetarian Bacon". Do not desecrate the sacred name of bacon with that c*ck," tweeted another person.

"I'm all for France banning vegetable based products using the same names to describe their meat equivalent. Why is it that vegetarian & vegan food is made to look like meat & has to piggyback on the name too?" declared a final Twitter user.

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